MeyerRose Group president to speak at Military Cyber Security Symposium

August 16, 2012

Military Cyber Security Symposium
October 1-3, 2012
Sheraton Pentagon City
900 South Orme Street
Arlington, VA 22204

The number of cyber attacks on DoD and Government networksʼ estimated at 400 million annually— continues to increase at an alarming pace as adversaries, both homegrown and foreign, acquire increasingly sophisticated tools with which to attempt to penetrate our systems. The combined DHS/DOD cyber budget proposals for 2012 exceed $4.2 billion with DHS nearly $1 billion and DoD requesting over $3 billion. The President has also identified cyber security as a critical imperative for national security. Increasing dependence upon the internet, declining IT budgets, and new computing paradigms (cloud, open source, etc.) have exacerbated cyber security problems.

This exceptional conference brings together the senior level military, government and industry experts who are defining the requirements and shaping the solutions in cyber security and computer network defense.

  • What are the latest Government, OSD and Service strategies, plans, needs and initiatives?
  • What is the role and status of new defense cyber organizations – USCYBERCOM, ARCYBER, etc…?
  • What are the latest threats? How is the threat environment evolving?
  • What is the Way Forward for Interagency & Intra-DoD cooperation & information sharing?
  • What are the emerging tools/techniques for continuous risk monitoring & management?
  • What novel challenges does security in cloud computing pose for DoD systems?
  • What are the emerging solutions? What is the Road Ahead for National Cyber Policy and Standards?

Over 25 Experts from: US Congress, OASD (NII), DIA, NSA/CSS, OPNAV N2/N6BC4, CIA, AFIT/ENG, ARCYBER, AFISRA/A9Y, AF/A2Q, NETCOM/9th Signal, USCYBERCOM, USMC C4/CIO, I2 Sentinel, Microsoft, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McAfee, Harris, Cray, Juniper, Wyle, DoD Verizon Solutions, Norman, Linquest, Fusion-io, Heritage Foundation, Cray, Inc., National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA), Heritage Foundation, The MeyerRose Group, Leighton Associates, ISA, & National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance examine:

  • Latest Government & DoD Policies, Strategies, and Imperatives
  • Evolving Solutions to Current & Emerging Threats to OSD and Service Systems and Networks
  • Newest Developments in Interagency and International Cooperation and Information Sharing
  • Cutting-Edge Multi Level Security Technologies for Securing Big Data
  • Emerging Procurement Requirements, Strategies, and Acquisitions Initiatives
  • National Vision for Critical Infrastructure Protection, including Homeland Security
  • Best Practices for Intelligence Sharing and Maximizing Cyber Protection Capabilities

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