Air Force Historical Foundation Leadership Change

June 2, 2017

Press Release:  May 31, 2017 In accordance with our bylaws regarding term limits, on May 31st we must bid farewell to our outgoing President and Chairman, Major General (Dr.) Dale W. Meyerrose, USAF (Ret).  He has most ably led the Foundation for the past eight years and leaves it a much ...

What are the world’s top leaders focusing on in 2017?

June 1, 2017

VoiceAmerica / May 30, 2017 Hosted by Maureen Metcalf Over the past two years, Maureen conducted 100 weekly interviews with top executives, academics, consultants, and diplomats from around the globe. For the 100th show, Dale Meyerrose is the guest host.  He interviews Maureen as she synthesizes the key themes and summarizes the ...

Government Cyber Efforts May Focus on Wrong Things

June 1, 2017

BY: Jessie Bur Mar 22, 2017 |   Focusing solely on cybersecurity practices to prevent breaches won’t result in the security that government agencies need, according to Dale Meyerrose, former chief information officer and information sharing executive for the U.S. Intelligence Community. “We talk about cybersecurity as if that is the end. It is ...

The Wikipedia for Spies–and Where It Goes from Here

June 1, 2017

AUTHOR: EMILY DREYFUSS / WIRED.COM / DATE OF PUBLICATION:   MAJOR GENERAL DALE Meyerrose jokes that he doesn’t think much of millennials. But he does largely credit that generation with fundamentally changing the way the US intelligence community collaborates. In 2005, when Meyerrose worked as the Associate Director of National Intelligence, he was ...

#Cybersecurity, are we incompetent?

March 1, 2017

February 7, 2017, video at the Rocky Mountain CyberSpace Symposium 2017, titled: “Cybersecurity—Are We Incompetent?” This provocative presentation challenges conventional methodologies and offers a different perspective on tackling the issues facing industry.

The Roller Coaster Reality of Complex Transformations

February 17, 2017

February 7, 2017 Guests:  Dr. Dale Meyerrose; Michael Sayre Episode Description As we listen to leaders talk about their transformation success - it sounds as if they created a plan, executed on the plan and declared victory. In working with large complex change, this is rarely true. Things happen that derail the project ...

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