“Board Basics” Rule

This post reflects a collaboration between Dr. Dale Meyerrose, major general, U.S. Air Force (retired), president of the MeyerRose Group and Maureen Metcalf, founder and CEO of Metcalf & Associates, and is written in conjunction with a VoiceAmerica interview that aired on August 16, "Emerging Roles of ...

Emerging Roles of the Board and Cybersecurity

August 21, 2016 Press 0 Comment

Broadcast: August 16, 2016 on VoiceAmerica Hosted by Maureen Metcalf Episode Description As the organizational ecosystem continues to change, board directors and trustees must better understand the nature of their roles and how they are changing to address the increased complexity they face. Dr. Dale Meyerrose explores the role of board members in ...

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