Meyerrose: Sending CISOs to Cyberthreat Bootcamp

December 27, 2015 Press 0 Comment

November 25, 2015 Why Backgrounds in Military, Law Enforcement Are Valuable for Cybersecurity Pros, Tracy Kitten (Fraud/Blogger).  10 Minutes. More cybersecurity specialists are making the leap from long-time careers in law enforcement, the military and the government to the private sector, says Dale Meyerrose, a retired U.S. Air Force major general who's now a consultant. As ...

ISMG Interviews Meyerrose: How to Respond to the Increase of APTs

December 27, 2015 Press 0 Comment

November 19, 2015 Dr. Dale Meyerrose on Treating Cybersecurity as an Ongoing Campaign, Tracy Kitten (Fraud/Blogger)   Although data breaches now receive more press than ever before, the number of total breaches has actually gone down. Yet they are becoming more targeted in nature and are affecting more people than ever, says Dr. Dale ...

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