MeyerRose Group President Speaks Readiness on Federal News Radio

March 17, 2014 Press 0 Comment

With FRANCIS ROSE | Federal News Radio March 17, 2014 Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force chief of staff, promises 10 years of catch-up before the Air Force reaches its readiness goals. He says spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and then sequestration prevented the Air Force from investing in the training ...

The Government Already has the Technology to Monitor Cleared Employees

March 16, 2014 Press 0 Comment

By ALIYA STERNSTEIN | Nextgov March 11, 2014 The government for years has continuously, electronically surveilled the behavior of personnel in sensitive security positions and does not need a whole new system to catch the next leaker, a former top technology executive in the intelligence community said. His comments came as debate ...

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