Building an army of ones and zeros and the troops who know how to wield them

June 27, 2012 Press 0 Comment

By ALIYA STERNSTEIN | Nextgov June 25, 2012 While the Pentagon is developing cyber arsenals, it is struggling to staff the newly operational Cyber Command and supporting service cyber organizations that will deploy against adversaries overseas. If current cyber conflicts are any guide, future operations likely will require more than technical know-how -- ...

NSA chief endorses the cloud for classified military cyber program

June 16, 2012 Press 0 Comment

By ALIYA STERNSTEIN | Nextgov June 13, 2012 The cloud will be a logical place for sharing classified intelligence on cyber threats with critical industries as the Defense Department presses ahead on an attack-prevention program it recently opened to all defense contractors, former military officials say, and Wednesday, a spokeswoman for Gen. ...

MeyerRose Group on Fox Business: Could a Flame Virus Hit the U.S.?

June 5, 2012 Press 0 Comment

Dale Meyerrose, Meyerrose Group president, on the Flame virus and if the U.S. would be prepared to handle a similar cyber attack.   View on Fox Business

Meyerrose Selected for Cyber Hall of Fame

June 4, 2012 Press 0 Comment

By DIANE STERLING | iSchool News, Syracuse University May 29, 2012 Across more than 30 years of distinguished military and corporate service, Dale Meyerrose is used to hitting the high bar. Nevertheless, his selection to the Cyberspace Operations and Support Hall ...

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